Price & Order

<Pet Fur Spinning Service>

Weight Price
~ 30g£25
~ 50g£30
~ 70g£36
  • £3 for every 10g over 50g. Minimum charge is £25.
  • The weight is the weight of the finished yarn.
  • Small amounts of hair are fallen out during the washing, carding and spinning processes. (More hair will be lost if the hair is short.) Also, if there are hairballs, they need to be removed. Therefore, the weight of the finished yarn will not be the same as the weight of the hair sent to us.
  • Short hair may need to be mixed with wool in order to spin. If the hair is hard and very short, it may not be possible to spin it into yarn. If you send me 5g of hair, I will spin it and let you know if it can be made into yarn. (free of charge)
  • Usually takes 1-2 weeks to ship. If you order pet yarn accessories, it may take an additional week.

Accessories Package £65

  • Crochet Ball Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Woven pendant head
  • Leather Keychain

Please send me 25-30g of pet hair.

<How to order>

  1. Please use contact form and send me following information.
    • Types of animal (ex.Dog)
    • Breed of animal (ex. Golden Retriever)
    • Name of the animal (ex. Leo)
    • The amount of pet hair you want to send
    • The items you order (Yarn only or accessories package)
    • Your contact info
  2. As soon as I receive your form, I will let you know price and turnaround time.
  3. Once you decided to go ahead, please collect the pet hair as follows.
    • Store pet pet hair collected from brushing. (Cut hair cannot be spun.)
    • Keep collected loose hairs fluffed up and not clumped together.
    • Please remove matt hair.
  4. When mailing, fluff the hairs into a plastic bag so that they do not clump together and close it by removing the air.
  5. If the yarn is very dirty or smelly, I wash it before spinning. The weight of the finished yarn will be reduced by the weight of the hairs and dirt that fall out during the washing and spinning process.
  6. I will send the photo of each process by email, and finished yarn or accessories will be send by royal mail (with tracking).