Pet Hair Yarn

There are many different types of pet hair. Some hair is soft and fluffy, others hard and spiky. Some pets have long hair, others have short hair. Any type of pet hair can be spun into yarn. If it is difficult to spin with 100% pet hair, a little wool can be added to the yarn to make all the hairs intertwine together.

Pets are members of the family. We want to be with our pets when they are well, when they are ill and even after they have passed away. Please collect your pet hair and keep it on hand as pet yarn and accessories. They will become a precious yarn or item for you.

Pet hair is spun into yarn by the following procedure.

1. Collect loose undercoat hair .
It comes out by brushing instead of cut hair. If it is heavily soiled or has a strong animal odor, put the hair in the laundry net and hand wash it.
2. Brushing pet hair by carders and removes tangles. It will also align the fiber the same direction. To make it easy to spin, after brushing several times, it is rolled into a cylinder like the picture.
3. In case of small amount of hair or very short hair, I use a spindle to spin.

4. I usually use a spinning wheel. First, the hair is spun into single yarn. After that, the two single yarns are plied together to form a two-ply yarn.
5. The plied yarn is steamed for about 5 minutes to set. And when it’s dry, it’s ready to use.
6. Our cat Lin is very much interested in the yarn made from her undercoat hair.